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Lost Pet Prevention Tips:  

It is estimated that one out of every three pets will go missing during their lifetime. Help keep your pets safe and reduce the chances of them getting lost with the following tips: 

  • Make sure your pet is always wearing a collar with a current ID tag. Tag should have a current phone number. License your pet and make sure the license tags are on the collar as well. Collars should fit correctly and be snug around your pet's neck, allowing just enough room for you to slip two fingers underneath. A collar that is too loose could easily fall off of the pet.  

  • Consider putting tags on indoor-only pets as well. You never know when they may slip out. 

  • Microchip your pets! It’s not a GPS tracking device, so don’t forget to register the microchip and update your contact information every time it changes. A microchip with accurate information is the key to reuniting you with your pet. You can also register your pet’s microchip for free through Found Animals Pet Registry. 

  • Spay and neuter your pet. Fixed dogs and cats are less likely to roam. 

  • Keep your dog on a properly fitting leash/harness or in a fully fenced yard/play area. Don’t leave your dog unsupervised. Keep pet cats indoors or provide them with a secure outdoor space like a catio. 

  • Check exit points in your house and yard (windows, gates, doors, fences, etc.) to ensure that they are secure. In a yard, check for any items near a fence that could be used by your pet to climb over. 

  • Leave your pet at home. Think again before leaving your dog in the car or tying them out front of the store while you run errands. 

  • Always have an easily accessible, current photo of your pet to share in the event they are lost. 

  • When traveling with your pet, ensure that you are using a secure carrier/crate and/or leash. Using a secure harness can also add an additional layer of safety. 

  • Teach you pet basic commands like “come” and “stay.” This could help stop your pet from running off if they see something exciting while you are out with them. 

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