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Rehoming a Pet

Sometimes, individuals find it necessary to surrender a pet due to a variety of reasons. We understand that this is a difficult decision to make. Please consider rehoming a pet using the services below instead of bringing the pet to the shelter. The shelter is always very full of friendly animals needing new homes and in some cases we may have to euthanize healthy, friendly animals due to lack of space. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a positive outcome for your pet. You know your pet the best, and will have the best chance of finding a great new home: 


Local rescues may be able to assist you in placing the pet. If you’re willing to foster the animal while they find placement, that may increase the help a rescue group can provide.


If you still need help after you have tried every other avenue to rehome your pet, and you reside in Autauga County or the city of Prattville, you can make an appointment to see if your pet is eligible to be relinquished. Appointments must be made prior to bringing your pet to a shelter facility. This is to ensure we can provide the best possible service to you and your pet. Please note, appointment availability may vary depending on the current shelter capacity. Call (334) 358-2882 to make an appointment.  

If you live in another jurisdiction, contact that city’s animal control. 

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